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Saturday, 23 September 2017


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Islam based all. Its behavioral and correction processes on
faith, and made faith the basis for man’s happiness.
“Manners without faith are like a palace built on mud ice.”
or as another scholar explains:
“Manners without faith are like seeds planted on rock or
between thorns; they eventually wither away and die. If the
most noble traits are not motivated by faith, they are like dead
crops near a living person.”
Religion rules the heart and mind together, it is the arena for
bringing harmony to them. Religious feelings reduce material
wants, and create an impenetrable barrier between the believ-
er and lowliness. Those who are comfortable by belief always
have assigned goals and feel at ease.
“Surely with the rememberance of Allah the hearts feel at
The Holy Qur`an
Islam judges man’s character by the degree of his belief and
his favorable traits, and fervently struggles to strengthen these
two factors. For instance, Islam has made man’s faith a guar-
antee for the credibility of his statements when he executes an
oath. According to the Islamic penal code, a Muslim’s oath can
replace evidence, under certain circumstances. and is there-
fore decisive in settling disputes. Islam has also made man’s
testimony a method for proving rights.
Thus, if lying appears in its red fearful shape-in any of the
above mentioned cases, than it is clear how great damage can
result form such behavior. In the Holy Qur`an lying is con-
sidered to be an unforgivable sin. “And never accept a testi-
mony from them.”

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